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Philz Coffee (UX)

Philz Coffee Redesign

“One of the best projects in the class.” - Prof. Michael Meyer, DSGN 1 (Design of Everyday Things)

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Click image for full interview trends spreadsheet!

Click image for full interview trends spreadsheet!

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In this sketch, the green arrows represent all of the “correct” actions that a customer can take upon entering the coffee shop while the red represent the common errors customers take instead. It is obvious that this can get very messy with so many arrows pointing in different directions.

After identifying the problems, we moved onto step two (Define) which is identifying the root of all of these problems. We realized that all these little problems originated from the core problem, which is the FLOW of the place. This is how the customer goes about in the coffee shop itself. It embodies the many problems listed above as a whole. It is not intuitive because Philz Coffee has little to no signifiers, so it leads to many common errors that novices face.

These problems are significant because buying coffee is a process that will be going on for a long time. It is part of our culture (some might even say they’re addicted to coffee). If the design of Philz Coffee produces human errors and interferes with customers’ gulf of execution, then we have to fix it for future generations. In addition, Philz is a chain business and they use a similar layout for all their locations. So on a larger scope, this problematic system affects more than just San Diego customers.

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